Vintage! Bvlgari Bulgari 18k Yellow Gold 7 Antique Coin Monete Link Necklace

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About This Piece:

The Bvlgari 18k Yellow Gold 7 Antique Coin Monete Link Necklace showcases 7 ancient coins set within a classic gold bezel, blending history with luxury. 

All 7 coins are of Roman Emperors: Lucius Verus, Antoninus Pius, Alexander Severus, Septimius Severus, Denariu Geta, Domitian, Lucius Verus.

The coins are meticulously framed in rich yellow gold, highlighting Bvlgari's signature style of combining classical elements with modern design for a unique and elegant statement piece.

Very rare vintage necklace.

Metal: 18k Yellow Gold
Measurements: Necklace is 17" Long
Width: Chain 7mm, Coins 21mm
Weight: 115.3 grams
Coins: 7 Roman Emperors: Lucius Verus, Antoninus Pius, Alexander Severus, Septimius Severus, Denariu Geta, Domitian, Lucius Verus.
Hallmarks: Bvlgari 750


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