Vintage Buccellati 18k White Yellow Gold Carved Emerald Branch Twig Brooch Pin

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About This Piece:

This Vintage Buccellati brooch pin is a splendid example of fine jewelry craftsmanship. 

Crafted from 18k white and yellow gold, the brooch features a delicate, lifelike design of a branch. 

The intricate detailing on the gold gives the impression of natural bark texture, enhancing its organic appeal. 

Adding to its elegance, the brooch is adorned with a beautifully carved emerald, expertly integrated into the design to resemble a leaf on the twig. 

The emerald's deep green hue contrasts strikingly with the dual tones of the gold, creating a harmonious and luxurious aesthetic typical of Buccellati's renowned style. 

This exquisite piece exemplifies the brand's mastery in creating jewelry that captures the beauty of nature with exceptional artistry and luxury materials.

Vintage from 1970's

Metal: 18k Yellow + White Gold
Size: 29mm x 63mm
17 grams

3x Carved Emeralds

3x Pearls


Buccellati - Tested for 18k Yellow + White Gold


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