Hamilton GCT Pocket Watch 22 Jewels Dates To 1942 Keeps Exceptional Time 4992B

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About This Piece:

The Hamilton GCT Pocket Watch, boasting 22 jewels and dating to 1942, is a testament to timeless craftsmanship. Model 4992B, this exquisite timepiece keeps exceptional time. With its rich history and precision mechanics, it not only tells the time but also narrates a tale from a bygone era.

Works great, fully functional. Very clean movement. Some wear on the back case (as pictured). 24 Dial. Wow!

Metal: Base
Case Dimensions: 52mm
Weight: 110.2g
Movement: Manual 22j Black Dial
Hallmarks: Back Outer Case (estimate):
AN-5740 Stock No. 66450321 MFGPART No. 33106 CONTRACT NUMBER DA-36-038 ORD 20108 HAMILTON WATCH COMPANY

Back Inner Case:
Star Watch Case Co Base Metal R828126

Hamilton Watch Co. U.S.A. 4992B 22 Jewels

Dial: G.C.T. with 24 hour dial


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