David Yurman DY 18k Yellow Gold Sterling Silver 8 Strand Box Chain Necklace

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About This Piece:
The David Yurman DY 8 Strand Box Chain Necklace is a harmonious blend of luxury and craftsmanship. Made of 18k yellow gold and sterling silver, this piece showcases the signature Yurman twist with its intricate eight-strand box chain design. Its layered strands drape effortlessly, reflecting light and adding depth to the piece. Combining the warmth of gold with the cool allure of silver, this necklace epitomizes David Yurman's dedication to detail, elegance, and timeless design.
Metal: Sterling Silver + 18k Yellow Gold
Length: 16"
Weight: 109g
Stones: 5x Pearls: 7.5mm
Other stones include briolette cut colored quartz in shades of pale yellow + brown
Hallmarks: David Yurman DY 925 18k


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