Cartier Panther Panthere 18k White Gold Peridot Onyx Lacquer Large Ring

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The Cartier Panther 'Panthere' ring is a stunning piece of luxury jewelry, embodying the brand's iconic design.

Forged in 18k white gold, this large ring features a panther head that showcases vibrant peridot stones as eyes, set against a backdrop of black onyx and white gold.

The panther's features are further highlighted by intricate lacquer detailing, adding depth and texture to the design.

The juxtaposition of the peridot’s bright green against the dark onyx creates a striking visual contrast, while the white gold's sheen adds to the ring's opulent appeal, making it a bold statement piece in Cartier's revered collection.

This ring comes with original Cartier certificate of authenticity, original invoice and a Cartier box.

This ring is a special order from Cartier store in white gold.

Metal: 18k White Gold
Measurements:  Width: 1 1/4"
Weight: 60.8 grams
2 peridot eyes, onyx nose & black lacquer spots. 
Ring Size: European 57 US 8

Cartier 750 57 BHXXXX(serial number omitted)


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