Authentic! Cartier Vintage 18k Yellow Gold Link Bracelet 1993

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About This Piece:

The Cartier Vintage 18k Yellow Gold Link Bracelet is a stunning piece of jewelry that radiates classic elegance and style. 

Constructed from high-quality 18k yellow gold, the bracelet consists of intricately designed links, each crafted with precision and care. 

The links feature a sleek pattern that interlocks smoothly, ensuring comfort and flexibility on the wrist. 

This bracelet's timeless appeal and the prestige of the Cartier name make it a sought-after accessory for those with a penchant for vintage luxury and understated glamour.

Made in 1993.

Metal: 18k Yellow Gold

Width: 6mm

Length: 7.75"

Weight: 25.2 grams

Hallmarks: Cartier 750 D2XXX(serial number omitted) 1993


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