Authentic! Cartier Platinum Diamond Meli Melo Gemstone Necklace w/Paper

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About This Piece:

The Authentic Cartier Platinum Diamond Meli Melo Gemstone Necklace is a true statement of luxury and sophistication. Crafted in platinum, the necklace showcases a stunning combination of diamonds and colorful gemstones arranged in a meli melo (mixture) design. The sparkling diamonds add a dazzling brilliance, while the gemstones offer a vibrant burst of color. The necklace is a testament to Cartier's renowned craftsmanship and are guaranteed to elevate any outfit with their elegance and opulence.

Metal: Platinum
Measurements:  Center Motif: 23.5mm x 24.5mm

Length: 17.5"
Gorgeous Stones Include: Chalcedony, Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Garnet, and Diamond
Weight: 22 grams

Cartier PT950 537XXX (serial number omitted) French Hallmarks

Includes Cartier service certificate dated from 2015


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