Antique Solid 18k Yellow Gold Sugar Bowl Dish Spoon Abraham Portal Set c. 1779

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About This Piece:

Abraham Portal's 18th century sugar dish, bowl, and spoon set, crafted from 18k gold, is a remarkable example of Georgian-era silverware. 

Originating from London England, this exquisite piece reflects the opulence and artistic sensibilities of the time. 

The dish features intricate designs, showcasing Portal's exceptional skill in goldsmithing. 

Its delicate engravings and ornate details exemplify the luxury and craftsmanship of Georgian tableware. 

The use of 18k gold not only signifies wealth but also highlights the era's preference for extravagant dining accessories. 

As a historical artifact, Portal's sugar dish offers insights into the social customs and aesthetic preferences of the Georgian period, embodying both artistry and cultural significance.

Most likely made for royalty or dignitary as many of his silverwork were gifts for dignitaries at the time.

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More About the Museum Quality Set:

Bowl Details/Hallmarks: AP (Abraham Portal), Panther Head (London), d (1779), Crown/18 (18k Yellow Gold)

Weight: 321.3g
Height: 74mm

Notes: Great condition, three angles for handles, intricate workmanship, floral designs, NOT monogrammed but there is space for it.
Dish Hallmark/Details: AP (Abraham Portal), Panther Head (London), d (1779), Crown/18 (18k Yellow Gold)

Width: 152mm

Notes: Three angel faces, three floral pattern motifs adorn this wonderful piece. The rim has an additional pattern that appears to be of wheat or barley.
Spoon Hallmark/Details:

AP (Abraham Portal), Panther Head (London), d (1779), Crown/18 (18k Yellow Gold)

Length: 148mm

Notes: A single angel with wings motif along with floral motif pattern continues. The stem design is in a twist and connects to the spoon head with a French fleur de lis. Maybe a hint of who this went to.

Total Weight: 620.3g
Notes: This is truely a remarkable set. We believe this once belonged to a dignitary or royalty. Searching auction houses and museums for Abraham Portal pieces was a delight. The same workmanship, but only to find silver pieces. This is a rare 18k gold set in great condition and high detailed. It should belong in a museum, but it could be yours.


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