At our website, we utilize cookies. This policy aims to provide an explanation of cookies and guide you on how to manage their usage.

Cookies refer to small text files that are sent to your browser when you visit our website. These files enable our website to recognize your web browser when you return. Additionally, other websites may send cookies to your browser for advertising purposes on the sites you visit.

Cookies play a valuable role in enhancing your website experience and catering to your specific preferences.

They serve multiple functions, including efficient navigation between pages, remembering your preferences, username, and password, as well as allowing you to retain items in your shopping basket, among others.


Certain cookies are essential for the smooth functioning of our website, while others help us improve user experience by collecting information or remembering your choices.

You can disable or delete all types of cookies by adjusting your browser settings. The process of disabling or deleting cookies may vary depending on your specific browser.

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