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Three new Spence Diamonds stores will be popping up in a couple of locations, including two in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the remaining one in Ottawa, Canada, according to Eric Lindberg, the executive chairman of the company. However, the retailer sees far more expansions in the future, with the next three years seeing a massive flourish according to Lindberg.

“We would like to open 10,” he says. “But we want to open them in the right way.” The standard retail design has been done away with, as traditional counters have been omitted to promote a healthier buyer and seller relationship.

“They have what I would call a non-adversarial physical configuration,” Lindberg continued in his interview with JCK. “When you set up counters, it has someone in an authoritative position. What we have done is more like Apple, where it’s impossible for someone to stand behind a counter.”

Spence interior

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In 2016, Spence Diamonds opened its Austin and San Jose stores.The company has certainly come a long way since then, and will be looking to go even further as their profits grow in the coming years.