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An announcement from the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) today has revealed that the company has appointed Kristina Buckley Kaye as managing director of their North American branch. Her duties include the development and eventual application of the DPA's communications and marketing with consumers, concentrating on the Real is rare. Real is a diamond” North American platform they have adopted. 

Jean-Marc Lieberherr is the CEO of the DPA, and Kayel will report all of her progress to him in the future. In a statement regarding the DPA's newest hire, Lieberherr said that “Kristina’s experience in the fine jewelry sector, along with her comprehensive communications expertise, business acumen, and creativity, gives her a unique industry perspective. We are excited to have her join the Diamond Producers Association and work with us to strengthen and build upon our mission in the United States.” 

Kayel is a marketing and communications veteran in the luxury industry. Her achievements have earned her the title of “Luxury Woman to Watch,” according to a December 2016 list by Luxury Daily.

Information originally sourced from JCK.