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We've loved seeing the late Princess Diana's jewelry on Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. It brings us back to the wonderful years when the the "people's princess" was alive and exuding her warmth and generosity on the public. So it's no wonder that we are positively reeling after finding out Camilla Parker Bowles, famous mistress to Prince Charles, wore a piece of jewelry once owned by the Princess.

Prince Charles and Camilla are now married, but that's no excuse: wearing jewelry owned by the ex-wife of your husband is a no-no!  And the internet is in agreement: the person often said to have led to the demise of the marriage of Charles and Diana is exhibiting the utmost disrespect wearing the jewelry.

The emerald and diamond necklace said to have been gifted to Princess Diana by the Queen was returned to the Royal vault after her death. But recently, in 2016, Camilla was spotted wearing the piece.  It was turned into a brooch so the piece was more subtle, but there was no escaping the fact that it was still Diana's. Of all the jewelry Bowles could wear from the vaults (and we don't know that she can wear much of it as beautifully as Diana did) there were surely other choices.

Do you think it was wrong of Camilla to wear the late Princess's jewelry? Comment with your thoughts down below.



3 THOUGHTS ON “Camilla Parker Bowles Loses Her Mind: Wears Princess Diana's Jewelry!”

by R Blatherwick

Yes I do think it’s wrong , nothing looks good on Camilla inc Diamonds

by Deb

It is the epitome of disrespect…..she and Charles tormented Innocent Diana…to top it all off….Camilla’s great-grandmother Alice Keppel was King Edward VII’s mistress. Camilla learned from Alice’s story how to woo Charles. Camilla even helped choose a quiet little wife for Charles so they could continue their antics….thank goodness Diana spoke up!!! It sickens me to see Camilla walking next to the queen!!!

by Paul E Langsholt

Funny they didn’t flop the Spencer tiara on her head too. Yes I know they don’t own smartly only Kate has worn The Queen Mary lovers knot recently