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We've loved seeing the late Princess Diana's jewelry on Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. It brings us back to the wonderful years when the the "people's princess" was alive and exuding her warmth and generosity on the public. So it's no wonder that we are positively reeling after finding out Camilla Parker Bowles, famous mistress to Prince Charles, wore a piece of jewelry once owned by the Princess.

Prince Charles and Camilla are now married, but that's no excuse: wearing jewelry owned by the ex-wife of your husband is a no-no!  And the internet is in agreement: the person often said to have led to the demise of the marriage of Charles and Diana is exhibiting the utmost disrespect wearing the jewelry.

The emerald and diamond necklace said to have been gifted to Princess Diana by the Queen was returned to the Royal vault after her death. But recently, in 2016, Camilla was spotted wearing the piece.  It was turned into a brooch so the piece was more subtle, but there was no escaping the fact that it was still Diana's. Of all the jewelry Bowles could wear from the vaults (and we don't know that she can wear much of it as beautifully as Diana did) there were surely other choices.

Do you think it was wrong of Camilla to wear the late Princess's jewelry? Comment with your thoughts down below.



26 THOUGHTS ON “Camilla Parker Bowles Loses Her Mind: Wears Princess Diana's Jewelry!”

by Prince William

Buggers!, Auntie Camilla is such a dirty whore, can’t believe that wench stole me mum’s jewels. My father is such an absolute wanker for marrying this tart! Blech!

by Tami Ray

I wish someone had advised her to steer clear of items previously worn by Diana (duh). I think those items from her majesty’s vault are on loan only anyway.

by Clara

Shame on both of you charles and mistress!!!

by Doris Montgomery

I think camilla with no capital c because she is disgusting ugly thing I will never except
ugly woman. ringing up Charles and sending cufflinks to someone who had just married most beautiful Angel whom he never tried to understand her beautiful caring soul because the ugly cow camilla was always in the background Diana will always be the queen of our hearts and hopefully William will be king because charles crossed the line should never be king I hope the queen realizes that if she permits him to be king the monarchy is finished !!!!!!! Diana you are always in our hearts forever ❤

by Amanda

I hate the monarchy- what’s so different from Marie Antoinette days? One good reason why they are entitled please- just lazy rich arrogant selfish with untold riches while people suffer
Camilla belongs in one of those pubs with wenches!
OR -here ‘s a nightmare for her
having a huge fox (with hounds and horses) chase her every day to brutally slaughter her !
I really hope she knows what people think I really do

by Andrew Johnny Hatch

Oh, No! I never really liked Camilla, but this… God! That is Princess Diana’s jewelry, not her’s. First, Camilla steals her husband when Diana is alive, and then when Diana is deceased, she wears her jewelry. Well this old woman had quite the nerve! Who does she think she is?

by Alison

Camilla you are trash no matter how many expensive crowns and jewelry you wear! You are trash! You are nothing but a whore!

by Renecca

The only ones that should be wearing Princess Diana’s jewelry is Kate and Meghan, not Charles Royal concubine

by Pat

Yes the Camilla BITCH should not be allowed even look at Diana’s jewellry let alone wear it !!!! THE QUEEN BITCH HAS NO SENSE NEITHER DOES BASTARD CHARLES!!!!

by Sandra Britt

Ugly ass Camilla knows better she doesn’t have any morals or class, anyway. Like screwing Charles while he was married to Diana. No self respecting woman would dream of doing the things she does. The Queen and Charles had Diana killed, for sure. It is so obvious. Diana wasn’t tolerating that battle ax, Queen ancient bullshit. Queen was mad because Diana found unattractive Charles, revolting. Damn Drunkard . GID has the last day so. The Queen sitting up their looking like a SUBHUMAN he/she will pay!!! All of them!!!. We love you, PRINCESS DIANA, missing you💔👑. Always, 2020

by Sheila

Camilla was extra generous to the many men she encountered that is why she was not seen as a suitable bride to marry Charles or have his children .I do regret to say they will not make suitable heads of state as they have no compassion for the public .They did not even show any compassion or respect for their own children or each other’s children while they were secretly having their extramarital affair.If one can not have love & respect for the children you parented how on earth can they be expected to show or have any respect for the public .I wish them luck as I feel they are going to need it .

by Tammy Greenhalgh

The un-royal behavior of elizabeth’s family is an outrage… their titles should be stripped and kick their asses out! Charles and his slutty, brazen bitch camilla need to get real. Diana despised CPB AND dumbass Charles, can’t afford to buy any jewelry for his ho. She will never look stunning…in anyone’s jewels, maybe she could use a couple dollars on some decent hats!!

by Jennifer Kaye

The current royal family members are unforgivable individuals. How Camilla lives with herself after destroying any possibilities of Charles and Dianne’s success as parents and a family is inexcusable. And yet, she parades around as if she belongs. How sad for Princess Dianne’s children, to be forced to continue to see her day after day, year after year. Soon enough the queen will pass, the country will not accept Charles, and finally, Princess Diane’s true English heritage will be restored to the rightful owners, the English bloodline held within Prince William and his wife Kate.

by Sheldon Hargrove

Guess a silk purse can turn back into a sow’s ear after all!

No matter what she takes from Diana, she will never take the love people felt for her, the class, the beauty or the style. Diana radiated beauty…Camilla radiates fumes.

by William

We all know Camilla is nothing but a vulgar and common tart. It doesn’t matter how many pieces of Diana’s jewelry she wears, she will never be an equal to the Spencer family.

History will always remember her as the ugly peasant whore of Charles of England (although she once married a peer). A taste inherited by Charles’ male descendants it seems. The Windsors have always been known to be a vulgar lot.

They should make a pastry in her honor. The Camilla Tart (filled with cream made from rancid milk and sprinkled with dried prunes. Oh, and top it off with a piece of gold leaf, for a vulgar finish to a disgusting dish)

by Jennifer

Camilla – you read these sites like everyone else. So these words let you know what people think of you. You have no class. You berate other members of the royal family but look at you your self you are the last one to look down on any one. Dianna’s jewellery how desperate are you. Won’t Charles buy you any?

by Carolyn

This is such a blatant disrespect to Diana and her boys. It was not only Camilla, but Charles and the Queen. The three of them knew it was a wedding present from the Queen and should NEVER have been worn by the mistress. Camilla will never be accepted or loved like Diana. She was nasty and tacky while they were married and has continued her raunchy behavior to this day. I do not care if his royal asshole wasn’t happy in his marriage to Diana, marrying the mistress and allowing her to wear and alter anything Diana so elegantly wore is just a smack in the face to everyone that loved her.

by Nina

Camilla has no shame. She’s a disgrace to the Royal family. Her adulterous part help destroyed the Royal marriage and the happiness of Diana and as a consequence of future events left her sons without their Mother.

by makenziehackett


by Ana

Camilla is a classless disgrace to the Royal family.

by Johnjon

Tasteless and tacky, much like herself.

by Vickie

I do not think Camilla should wear anything that Princess Diana wore! She should be ashamed of herself! I don’t know why she don’t just go bury her head in a hole with embarrassment!! How can she look Diana’s sons in the face? Little to late to ask for forgiveness on the day she married Prince Charles. They used her and she paid with her life God will pay them back on judgement day royal or not!

by Vickie

I do not think Camilla should wear anything that Princess Diana wore! She should be ashamed of herself! I don’t know why she don’t just go bury her head in a hole with embarrassment!! How can she look Diana’s sons in the face? Little to late to ask for forgiveness on the day she married Prince Charles. They used her and she paid with her life God will pay them back on judgement day royal or not!

by R Blatherwick

Yes I do think it’s wrong , nothing looks good on Camilla inc Diamonds

by Deb

It is the epitome of disrespect…..she and Charles tormented Innocent Diana…to top it all off….Camilla’s great-grandmother Alice Keppel was King Edward VII’s mistress. Camilla learned from Alice’s story how to woo Charles. Camilla even helped choose a quiet little wife for Charles so they could continue their antics….thank goodness Diana spoke up!!! It sickens me to see Camilla walking next to the queen!!!

by Paul E Langsholt

Funny they didn’t flop the Spencer tiara on her head too. Yes I know they don’t own smartly only Kate has worn The Queen Mary lovers knot recently