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Though we are sure you're exhausted and spent from all things Met, we've saved the best for last.

Yes, the halos and wings and crosses and papal hats were majestic, heavenly and on theme for the Met Gala's "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" opening night. But all of those similar looks came wave after wave. Who stood out in that crown-bedecked crowd?

Zendaya of Arc.

Styled by the talented Law Roach, Zendaya made clear she wasn't on the red carpet looking to be an angel, a priestess, a member of the Vatican or a bride. The actress was there on a glamour crusade while also channeling the heroic spirit of Joan of Arc.

We're smitten with her stance and flabbergasted with the perfect blending of militaristic silver chain mail Versace gown with Tiffany and Co. "Paper Flower" and "Hard Wear" collections.

Betwixt a shimmering cowl of draped and chain-mail effect chiffon sits a long ball pendant. Her fingers are bedecked with various heavy metal and diamond rings. It's divine in it's own right.






We're amazed. Are you? Let us know if we're wrong down below!