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Actress Zendaya could be found among other well-dressed celebrities at Bulgari's party during New York Fashion Week. She was especially radiant, adorned with Bulgari pieces like the Cinemagia high jewelry necklace. The necklace itself contains over 82 carats of both diamonds and sapphires. 

Vogue managed to conduct an interview with the Euphoria star backstage, asking about her newest campaign set in Rome.

“I even got a little time off to actually see things, which I never get to do when I’m working,” she said. “I had three or four days to just go around. I love being able to travel places and actually learn about the place that I’m in.” 

When asked about her go-to for Red Carpet jewelry, she said, “For me, it’s one or the other: It’s either all about the jewels and it’s stacking and layering and very heavy, or it’s minimal and just there to complement the outfit. It can go either way; it just depends on the look or the feeling behind what we’re doing. But it’s so funny to me how an earring can change everything. When you’re feeling like, ‘Oh, I need to dress this up,’ you put on a little set and you’re like, ‘Okayyy.’”

“I’m pretty simple," said Zendaya regarding her jewelry collection. "On days off, I just like to wear a few rings, maybe a chain, and then I rotate it. Nothing too crazy. I’m on the search for the perfect watch right now. Bulgari, shout out. They have one that I have my eyes on. I think it’s a men’s watch; it’s so chunky and I love it.”

She was then asked about her most sentimental piece of jewelry, saying that “My big sister wore this emerald green ring growing up, and I always thought it was cool. I remember for my 18th birthday she got me this little emerald green ring, and I just thought it was really sweet.”

“Me and [stylist Law Roach] just take it as it goes. Nothing specific," she said about her future 2020 looks. "We just find things that we like and that’s pretty much it. We take it one look at a time.”

Information originally sourced by Vogue.