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Gucci has been back on top with their signature GG logo all over bags, belts and the like. 

But have they hit it out of the park with their spring 2019 runway collection? Below, we explore the somewhat kooky Gucci accessory high points.


Would you wear this brooch? If your answer is "When pigs fly," you have our sentiments exactly. Although that pig is quite adorable, it might be too much look for our chic outings.


Another trend this fall has been medallions of every size (think Bulgari coins on up to Chanel belt medallions). That look continues in belts on the Gucci runway, and we're liking the fun and whimsical nods to all the iconic talisman of the fashion house (horsebit, serpent, lion, zodiac).


Perhaps the most wearable look of the runway came in this men's look, with a large but still subtle black panther accented by emerald green chunky sweater and logo jacket. It's fun, accessible, and easily translated to our world, right?

Would you wear any of these trends? Let us know your thoughts!