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Will Anna Wintour, reigning editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine, be leaving the publication this summer? Rumors of an imminent departure have been swirling all week, first appearing as a story in Page Six on April 2nd.  While we thought it may be the world's cruelest April Fool's joke, it might not be just a whisper of a rumor this time.


Conde-Nast has experienced a proverbial "musical chairs" in recent months, with the changes at the helm of Vanity Fair and Glamour Magazine. And Wintour has been meaning to leave after her daughter's wedding this summer, according to sources. While Vogue and Conde-Nast have been denying the rumors, many sources have been coming forward confirming it, so it's hard to say how this will shake out.

In the meantime, we'll be hoping our favorite queen of fashion prevails and "keeps her head". After all, Wintour and Vogue go together like peanut butter and jelly. Can you really have one without the other?