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Last Wednesday, both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the announcement of their departure from the royal family. Buckingham Palace was reportedly stunned by the couple's decision. Now everyone is wondering what will happen to the often revered and glamorous royal wardrobe that the Duchess of Sussex has been adorning for quite some time. The couple will no longer be receiving money from the Sovereign Grant, a tax on the UK citizen that covers 5 percent of the Sussex's household expenses. However, Prince Charles' Duchy of Cornwall has been covering the remaining 95 percent, although people have speculated whether or not this will continue.

According to royal expert Emma Forbes in an interview with Page Six, “If she’s going to live [in Canada], I can’t imagine Prince Charles will go, ‘Listen, go to Givenchy twice a year and get whatever you want and we’ll foot the bill.'"

“I don’t think her wedding dress would be her property. But recently, she’s worn everything from Club Monaco to Banana Republic, and those [clothes] I think she can keep,” she said, speculating that Markle's current royal wardrobe will not be relinquished.

Meghan Markle (in Stella McCartney) and Prince Harry heading to their royal wedding reception in May 2018

“She’s gone almost completely high street,” Forbes explained, also noting the duchess has attempted to curb too much spending on high fashion, opting for more affordable styles. “This week’s outfit was from Massimo Dutti’s new collection, which is online now. I still don’t think she’s working with any major stylist, so I think those are things she just buys. And she does re-use a lot of things; she’ll wear the same dress and she’ll put a coat over it, or wear the same coat belted one day and open the next.”

While it was previously forbidden for Markle to accept any sort of gifts from designers, since MEGXIT, it has been reported that she is preparing deals with a number of fashion brands.

“I’m sure there will be a way around her accepting freebies, because since they’re not going to be in the royal family in any kind of traditional shape or form, they’ll have to rewrite those rules,” Forbes continued. "And for any designer, the PR that you get from someone [like Markle] wearing your clothes is worth a fortune, so I’m sure people will still desperately try to dress her even when she’s out in Vancouver at the supermarket.”

Information originally sourced from Page Six.