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Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden is a London-based jewelry designer who has honed her craft with the likes of De Beers, and then achieved her Diamond Grading at GIA. In an interview with Forbes, she discusses her brand which launched in 2013, and its overall philosophy.


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Rajcoomar-Hadden was asked about her brand's ethos, to which she said, "Individuality. In a world of fast trends and fads, finding and expressing one’s true character can be a challenge. Identity is expressed through everything we do, and jewelry is no exception. Today, more than ever, we are free to define our own rules. It’s a time to be true to ourselves, be individual, and be unafraid. Never follow. Integrity. Exceptional jewelry-making standards are non-negotiable for me. From raw materials (fair trade gold and ethically sourced gemstones) to finished pieces, to me jewelry is as personal as it is precious. Corners will never be cut, craftsmanship never compromised. Ethical. I am always seeking out new processes, particularly ethical processes. Sourcing from ethical miners, using fair-trade gold, and working with diamond suppliers who can track their supply chain. We all need to shop more consciously, and I think the fashion and jewelry industry has a lot to answer for in terms of their environmental impact on the planet. Being able to create more sustainable jewelry so that my clients can shop more consciously is very important for me."

When asked to describe her brands overall design philosophy, Rajcoomar-Hadden said, "As I grow as a woman I am constantly seeing the world differently. My inspiration changes constantly, particularly as I experience the world through the lens of a mother with young children, and I hope it continues to evolve with age. Although I like neutral and minimal tones in every other aspect of my life, my jewelry tends to be bolder. I like it to be noticed, to catch the eye of passers-by, and hopefully lighten their day.  I don’t wear make-up (except lipstick), so my general aesthetic is minimal with bold jewels.  I like designing everyday statement jewelry, I don’t take my jewelry off at night so I design jewelry that is comfortable enough to be worn without having to change from day to evening. I like the idea that no matter how messy your hair is in the morning, or how exhausting your day was, your jewelry always holds everything together for you."

Information originally sourced from Forbes.