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In an interview with Vogue, VogueMexico and Latin America's editor-in-chief Karla Martinez de Salas discusses her passion for the jewelry world and the different ways that it has affected her, from favorite pieces to where she buys them.

When asked which jewelry piece holds a special place in her heart, Martinez de Salas said, "My engagement ring that my husband had made with James de Givenchy, designer of Taffin. It has a story behind it. I lost my original engagement ring and I wasn’t meant to get an upgrade, but James somehow had started working ceramics and he upgraded it, and it was amazing! My husband got me a Taffin bracelet when my girls were born. I love things that are the classics, like the Cartier nail bracelets, but I love things that are made just for me. The bracelet has a message my husband had engraved with 'I love you' in Spanish, and every time I look at it, it’s special. I recently had to send it to be fixed and I felt so weird not wearing it."


When asked to describe her jewelry icon, Martinez de Salas said, "OK, there are a few. Maria Felix is one of Mexico’s biggest icons and actresses. Cartier made her some of their most incredible pieces, like the baby crocodiles. Mrs. Carolina Herrera has the most stunning pieces. She was wearing these knock-out earrings from Taffin when I saw her the other day, absolutely stunning. Another woman whom I think has the best style, all around in general, is Anita Borzyszkowska (she is a creative strategist & brand director). She is the most low-key person with the most beautiful jewelry collection! She has the perfect watch, the perfect everything. The ex-French Vogue editor-in-chief, Emmanuel Alt, also has the most gorgeous jewelry too. The designer Marie-Helene De Taillac is another icon, she wears colored stones in the most exquisite way. I love the way Tabitha Simmons styles her jewelry, and her personal jewelry is amazing. Jana Pasquel de Shapiro from Munnu Gem Palace; she wears the most incredible Indian jewelry. That was the first time I ever saw Golconda jewelry—those conda diamonds that are so famous and so rare!"



"I love giving the young designers an opportunity to show their collection with these Vogue Especio  events," said Martinez de Salas when asked for her favorite places to buy jewelry. "In Mexico, more private trunk shows. My friend Claudia Ortego represents Dezso Sara Baltran, etc. it’s a more salon style experience. I love Aerin Lauder’s little guide on Rome and I went to her store when I was in Rome. Stephen Russell, Fred Leighton. I really feel like my jewelry education was definitely received through the fashion department at Vogue and W. Those places for me were the best places to find jewelry! A lot of the approach in Mexico is to do smaller sales, more experimental style and it’s very common in Mexico to have these bazaars like Vogue Especio where you can find the smaller brands and for all price ranges. Some of my favorite places to find jewelry are on social media. I love what The Stax is doing and I find photographers who shoot jewelry well still so inspiring. They make me want to buy jewelry. People I follow like Claudia Mata, Will’s Notebook, Maria Duenas all have great stuff."

Information originally sourced from Vogue