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In an interview with WWD, Venezuelan Designer Efrain Mogollon discusses his eponymous brand and more. 

When asked about how he wishes his brand to be globally perceived, Mogollon said, “Efrain Mogollon the brand is about statement pieces. It’s about dressing women in statement pieces that make them feel confident and comfortable and empowered so that when they enter a room, everyone turns around and looks at her and they know that she walked in. It’s about an ode to women and their femininity. 

“And the person Efrain is a family man, he’s a father to four kids, he’s friendly, positive so always with a very positive outlook to life, very optimistic and he’s someone that likes to live life to the fullest. And that’s something that I like to bring to the brand as well. Who you are as a person is something that translates to all aspects of your life and that liveliness, that really positive outlook, that vibrant feeling, is something that I like to bring to the brand By Efrain Mogollon.” 


Every artist has their one thing they need to make their art. When Mogollon was asked about his one thing, he said, “I was just reflecting about this recently. Whenever I start designing, I need movement, I need to travel, anywhere. It doesn’t need to be somewhere far-flung, it could be somewhere right next to where I am, but moving around gives me inspiration. I feel like if I stay in the same place in the house, my creativity and my inspiration stays in the same place as well. So, getting that new perspective from moving around seeing new things, something as simple as going to the beach. Whenever I feel like I’m not inspired or I’m stuck on the same thing over again, I take a weekend off and go to the beach and I immediately shift that perspective. Kind of like unplugging and resetting.” 


When asked about what potential customers assume about his brand upon discovery, Mogollon said, “That it’s an eye-catching brand, especially when it comes to volume and color. People see it and immediately see that it’s an explosion of color and volume but it’s very well-balanced and well-placed and that directly informs their confidence as well. And it’s something that’s palpable because of the way it’s designed. It’s a well-balanced situation between volume and color to give that vibrancy.” 

Information and Photos originally sourced from WWD.