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Steph Shiu's jewelry brand H(OUR) Objects has been getting a lot of attention, and in an interview with HighSnobiety, she talks of her start in jewelry, her latest collaboration with Vans and more.

"I was going through a dark time in my life that took me back home after living in Europe. I reconnected with my mom through a Buddhist practice which, in many ways, saved my life and relationship with my family," said Shiu when asked about what first got her into jewelry.


"During that time my mom gifted me a fire opal piece that really helped me through a lot of what I was dealing with — that’s how I discovered the power of healing crystal therapy," she continued. "When I wore certain gemstones I felt the qi shift through my body and I would feel significantly more aligned with my self and purpose. With this discovery, I wanted to share my experiences and practices that helped me survive with others going through similar things. I’ve always been interested in design and accessories and I thought this would be a wonderful way to merge my love for design and alternative healing."


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When asked about the kind of work she does in jewelry, Shiu said, "Everything I do is inspired by my spiritual practice of Kadampa Buddhism of being mindful and grounded in compassion and wisdom. Everything is about setting an intention, holding the intention throughout the activity, and dedicating the energy to the everlasting happiness of all living beings. With H(OUR) Objects, my work is about connecting with people and being a catalyst in inviting the energies they would like to invite in their lives through healing crystal therapy and my practice of Kadampa Buddhism. As a model, I am represented by Elite and work to represent brands in the luxury and beauty sector. A lot of times they expect you to play a part, but what always works best is to channel my own identity and creativity through their brand filters when it comes to the way I move, or the attitude I express. It makes me the happiest when I’m able to add to a client’s vision and they are happy."

"I have a trusty piece just for creative tasks, it consists of crystals that enhance creativity, inspiration, inventiveness, storytelling, unblocking creativity, analysis, and problem-solving," said Shiu when asked about her favorite pieces.

Information originally sourced from HighSnobiety.