In 2015, Devenie Robbins worked as a nurse practitioner in Tampa, Florida, working with women during their lowest points of addiction and helping them through the path of sobriety. Robbins eventually launched her personalized accessories brand Very Last Detail in 2017, moving the company to Houston. 

When asked in an interview with Houstonia to share anything regarding impactful customer interactions, Robbins said, "There is one woman who ordered a necklace with her and her significant other’s name on it to celebrate an anniversary. A few days later she frantically emailed and called us to cancel her order. Usually, when people ask to cancel their order, I ask “Why do you want to cancel?” just out of curiosity, and she broke down on her phone because she broke up with her significant other and she was heartbroken. It touched me so much, and we talked for an hour. I love connecting with customers and clients, it’s my favorite part of the business. I surprised her by sending her a necklace with the word “worthy” on it for free. She was so thankful and called me back to tell me how much it meant to her and how it helped her get through her storm. Not to say wearing a necklace with the word “worthy” will solve all your problems, but it sure does help to be reminded from time to time you are worthy."

"I would recite these acclamations to myself because I came here with no job, completely independent, and I was an entrepreneur," said Robbins when asked about her Mantra Collection." I have talked to and encountered many women who have their personal struggles. Usually when you see a woman who is coming out the other side of whatever she’s facing, it is because of some sort of faith that she has within herself. I wanted to create something to remind women you can always resort to acclamations. That’s how I came up with the Mantra Collection, because it symbolizes the acclamations that got me through and also a lot of other women."



Robbins then said that one of her favorite pieces is the Self-Love Pavé, when asked to explain she said, "With self-love, there have been times where my love for myself was questionable. I feel like all women go through phases. Some may say “I don’t feel like myself” or “You’re looking to have a different experience in life.” I went through that especially around my move to Houston. So when creating this particular piece, it was inspired by one of my acclamations, “I may not feel goodwill today, but I still love myself.” I just want everyone, but particularly women, to wholeheartedly love themselves because it is so important. That is how I’ve come so far in life and achieved the things that I’ve had, and built my confidence, despite my flaws."

Information originally sourced from Houstonia.

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