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Jewelry designer JeBlanc is a bold, up-and-coming artisan in the jewelry industry. Although the pandemic has brought much of the fashion and jewelry world to a halt, she sat down with Who What Wear and spoke of her creative process and more.


When asked to share somethings about herself the designer said, "I’ve been creating since I came out of the womb, seriously. I grew up in the countryside of Georgia and eventually moved to Atlanta, a place where lots of greenery and city life coexist. So I feel grounded (down to earth) but also modern—mixing the vintage with the metals, etc. I initially started reconstructing pieces, and then jewelry came naturally because I wanted to be able to use tools. I sold jewelry in high school to my friends just for fun. When you have a passion, it lives inside of you, and in the beginning, I didn’t see it as 'designing.' It was more so following my heart’s desires and seeing the outcome. I started as a stylist to understand the logistics behind the pieces and then naturally started styling my own designs. I truly believe my undeniable love for luxury and beauty and not being able to afford it is what led me to create my own jewelry."


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She was then asked about what inspires her work, to which she said, "I can simply say the movement of life. I’m inspired by humans who smile when you walk past them, the sun reflecting off of metal objects, dancing, the flow of the ocean—it all comes back to movement, the flow of life."

"Clothing was my first love," said JeBlanc when asked if she sees a future in apparel or if her jewelry is the main focus. "I have so many ideas to incorporate those two worlds. It’s truly a dream to be a designer in many realms. I’ve designed a dress before, and that went well, but I truly wanted to use my hands and get the hard work done first so that when I have a production, I can genuinely say I’ve been there before. I want the full 360 views when it comes to design, and that's what separates a boss from a leader."

Information originally sourced from Who What Wear.