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Founded in 2019 by Elizabeth González Tactuk, Tataita Jewellery is the product of the mind of an award-winning marketer. Her goal was to create a platform for women to be unafraid of self-expression with affordable yet chic jewellery pieces. The creative jewelry that can be found on echoes all of the female consumer's luxury needs within the heart of the Dominican Republic. Recently, the brand had announced a new brand that will be celebrating Caribbean women with a slew of new designs.

according to Elizabeth González Tactuk, the founder of Tataita Jewellery, Tataita Jewellery with, offers a luxury boutique that caters to the everyday woman, who expresses her uniqueness through jewelry.

While shopping for jewellery can be a challenging task in this day and age, some brands have made little effort to make their inventory accessible to most customers, who are often perplexed when accessing premium pieces. This trend has made it very difficult for buyers to purchase the luxury jewellery of their choice. However, Tataita Jewellery is here to help with any confusion, offering up a vast array of pieces that are affordable, accessible, and made from quality materials for an easygoing Caribbean shopping experience.

The brand can be found on Instagram under the handle tataita_rd, and is focused on its mission to provide pieces throughout the Dominican Republic as well as some parts of neighbouring Haiti. Affordable and high-quality goods are to be expected. For Dominicans around the globe that are appreciative of their island, the online store is open to them as well. From necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, studs, and bangles, Tataita Jewellery is always looking to innovate in jewellery. Any further information on the brand itself or the upcoming Caribbean-centric project can be found on

About Tataita Jewellery

Tataita Jewellery was founded by award-winning marketer, Elizabeth González Tactuk in 2019, with the vision of offering Premium Jewelry, at an affordable price for the everyday woman. Tataita Jewellery carries a large selection, but a limited quantity of those selections to promote variety and uniqueness. 

Information originally sourced from Digital Journal.