In an interview with Professional Jeweller, UK Jewelry brand manager Jo McLenaghan discusses her average day of work as well as the benefits of working for her company iXXXi. She joined her company when it launched in the UK back in 2021.

When asked what her average workday looks like, McLenaghan said, "My day varies from speaking directly to, and also selling the brand into, new stockists. I visit clients and show them the collection and the opportunities within the iXXXi collection. Also, because of the launch, I do a lot of lead-generation for potential stockists. This involves  things like cold calling, visiting areas and going into potential outlets. Another day I might be planning social media posts, PR and sponsorship campaigns or designing and printing marketing and branding material for point-of-sale."


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When asked for the best reasons as to why she prefers this company as opposed to others, McLenaghan said, "My favorite things are finding new clients, installing the brand and getting sales in. I really enjoy watching the iXXXi brand grow, not only in sales but the general buzz about our unique interchangeable ring concept and the extensive men’s collection too. Consumers love the innovative designs and it is exciting to see."

When asked about the career opportunities in things like self-development are with iXXXi, McLenaghan said, "My job varies and I wear many hats in the role. This is what I really enjoy – the freedom and flexibility to shape the business model here in the UK. Since the launch of iXXXi we have many stockists across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. We now have a good client base who order on a regular basis. We then help install, train and promote for the individual store launches. Mostly we do a soft launch, giving away promotional goodies, and I help host the events, staff training and talking to their customers about the jewelry. Currently I am all over the place installing into new concessions within House of Fraser. Stores in Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Belfast, Westfield, Blue Water – all of which will be completed by the time this feature goes to print.

Information originally sourced from Professional Jeweller.

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