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If you're shopping for vintage designer jewelry, it helps to understand the different eras from which some of our most popular designs are derived. When you choose vintage jewelry, you're getting more than just a ring or a necklace — you're getting a piece of history. Many modern pieces are modeled after the most popular jewelry designs of the past, so whether you go for a new item or a pre-owned piece, it's easy to add fashionable vintage flair to your look. Read on to learn about the time periods famous for producing amazing jewelry pieces, many of which are still prized by collectors to this day:

The Victorian Era — 1837 to 1901

The Victorian era is famous for producing ornate jewelry designs, often inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Thanks to Queen Victoria, some popular designs included serpentine-style rings and necklaces featuring colorful gemstone accents. Brooches were popular during this era, because they gave Victorian ladies an easy way to add some sparkle to their flowing frocks.

To recapture the look of this romantic time period, check out this 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Ruby Flower Brooch from Tiffany and Co. Perfect for pinning on your jacket, sweater or handbag, this sparkling floral-theme brooch features brilliant diamonds intermingled with deep rubies.


The Art Deco Era — 1915 to 1935

Famous for its bright colors, geometric shapes and bold yet classic designs, the Art Deco period remains an inspiration for jewelry designers today. To recapture the eye-catching beauty of this era, go for jewelry pieces with sleek lines and rich colors. Diamonds paired with intricate details are characteristic of this time period, especially from designers like Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany and Co. and Cartier.

To bring Art Deco glamour to your jewelry collection, consider this Vintage Estate Art Deco Platinum 15ct Diamond French 22" Long Necklace — featuring amazing craftsmanship and detail. Brilliant VS quality round-cut center diamonds.


The Retro Era – 1945 to 1960

Transition is the keyword that defines the Retro Era — the world was a rapidly-changing place after World War II, and the fashion of the time period is certainly a reflection of this. Because platinum was restricted during wartime, the jewelry designs of this era heavily featured gold in gorgeous shades of yellow, rose and green. Despite their classic lines, retro jewelry pieces have an unmistakable femininity.

A perfect example of retro style is the stunning Van Cleef & Arpels Rose de Noel 18k Gold Diamond Coral Medium Brooch. This colorful gold brooch features bright petals of coral, accented with brilliant-cut round diamonds.


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