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The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Va. will be transferring more than 135 pieces of jewelry and items designed by renowned jeweler Jean Schlumberger to an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Fla. The "Jewels of the Imagination" exhibit will be open to the public from December 15th to March 31st, 2019.

The legendary jeweler's artwork, drawings, and sketches will also be put on display in a separate Florida-based exhibit called "Drawn to Beauty." American socialite, horticulturist, gardener, philanthropist, and art collector Rachel Lambert “Bunny” Mellon has been the primary provider of this treasure trove of jewels. Mellon is known for her work on the White House Rose Garden and has been a creative muse to Schlumberger on many an occasion.


Between the years 1985 and 2015, Mellon had donated her Schlumberger pieces to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. "Drawn to Beauty" will showcase photographs, personal items, objets d'art, jewels, and sketches previously belonging to the jeweler. Tiffany & Co. will also be providing works from private collections never before seen.

Information sourced originally from JCK.