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Town and Country Magazine recently revealed their take on the ten classic pieces every woman should own by their thirtieth birthday.  Though your narrator is very eager to turn back time and be thirty again, she will admit that birthdays do sometimes yield some beautiful and sparkly jewelry gifts (hello, Tiffany smile pendant)! Below, the list of their picks:

1. A personalized pinky ring
2. Delicate diamond stud earrings
3. An iconic bracelet (VCA Alahambra, natch!)
4. A long chain necklace
5. An elegant pair of hoops
6. A classic strand of pearls
7. A bold bracelet
8. A stylish watch
9. A Reveire necklace
10. Stackable rings
And dear reader, are we not the perfect place for you to continue or complete your list? Below, a fine selection to take you into your thirties and beyond.