International Women's Day may have come and gone, but in celebration of women everywhere, Karen Pyu say down with Upscale Living for an interview about her jewelry brand, Mondselle.


When asked to give the backstory of her life before launching her brand, Mondselle, Pyu said, "I was born in Myanmar and lived there until I was fourteen. As a kid, I remember coloring with crayons and enjoyed working and layering colors to create different effects. My mother saw how much I loved to draw and put me into art class every summer, but it wasn’t until we moved to Singapore, when I was given the opportunity to take a large variety of art classes and really pursue it as a passion. In high school, there was a design competition for SIGG water bottles, and my submission was selected as the best. It was amazing to see students carrying around the water bottles with my design on them. This really kick-started my passion for pursuing it as a career. I moved to Canada for my jewelry design and metalsmith training. After graduating from Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD), I started Mondselle, which consists of fine and fashion jewelry."


"The name Mondselle is derived from the French word “mondaine,” meaning a woman belonging to fashionable society, and the word “Elle” meaning she," said Pyu when asked about the origin of the name of her brand. "The brand is catered towards many sides to today’s modern women. Through my creative work, I hope to make women look and feel fashionable."


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When Pyu was asked to describe her brand's aesthetic, she said, "I gravitate towards ornate and sculptural aesthetics, and I’m also highly attracted to floral motifs. I design jewels that I genuinely believe in, and I would wear every day. My focus is also on wearability, which’s suitable for both the classical and fashion-conscious woman. You can pair one of my rings with a cocktail dress just as easily as you can with jeans. With a fine art training background, I also create visuals for my work. In an industry saturated with mass-produced fashion jewelry, it is crucial to set yourself apart through talent, quality, and craftsmanship."

Information originally sourced from Upscale Living.

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