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Another week has come and gone, the weather is warmer, and we're about to retire our turtlenecks in favor of showing off our clavicles. And that calls for jewelry!  Here at Fortrove we have some gorgeous new items available for purchase, just in time for all kinds of skin-bearing spring fashions.

Below, our top five picks for the week. Oh, and they're all diamond in honor of the gorgeous April birthstone.

1. Yossi Harari 24k Gold Diamond Ring


It's hard to find 24k gold jewelry these days, and this ring is especially rare. 29 diamonds encrust the ring, and we're loving the stark contrasts.

Yossi Harari ring available here!

2.  Cartier Diamond Trinity Earrings


We loved this blinged out version of the iconic "Trinity" style earrings. Nearly half a carat in VVS diamonds adorn the multi-colored hoops. Definitely the perfect gift for April babies!

Cartier Trinity earrings available here!

3. Cartier Panther Maillon Diamond Necklace


Approximately ten carats in diamonds take our breath away as this gorgeous diamond glimmers in the sunlight. It's the perfect piece to wear to any upcoming black-tie spring wedding or gala.

Cartier Panther Diamond Necklace here.

4. Henry Dunay Quartz Diamond Lily Brooch


The brooch is always in style, perfect on a crisp white shirt or black blazer lapel. This sculptural offering from Henry Dunay is the perfect mix of gold, diamond and quartz. It's a subtle nod to spring with just the right amount of shimmer and texture.

Henry Dunay diamond quarth brooch here.

5. Ivanka Trump Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring


Regardless of your political leanings, I think we can all agree that this Ivanka Trump sapphire diamond engagement ring is a unique way to pop the question. Featuring brilliant and marquee diamonds, the platinum beauty is a classic.

Ivanka Trump Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring here.


That's it for us today! Comment with your favorite diamond pick down below. We hope you have a sparkling weekend.