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In an interview with Digital Journal, top fashion and beauty blogger Olta Baraj discusses how she first got into her lifestyle and more.

Baraj, upon introducing herself, was asked if being a fashion and beauty blogger was the longterm career goal she had in mind, to which she said, "My name is Olta Baraj, I am an Albanian 25-year old blogger and Instagram influencer. I started my journey as an influencer eight years ago out of my interest and passion in photography, fashion and travels. Indeed, my passion and love to photography has played a very intrinsic role in the position I behold today. I have always been excited in taking everyday photos and sharing them with my followers from all over the world who were interested in my content, as well as many local and foreign brands. When I saw this huge and interesting interaction, I was actually fascinated where I decided to continue and develop my content."

When asked about her main inspiration behind Olta.photoholic, Baraj said, "Olta.photoholic project was created accidentally. Back to when I was pregnant, I accidentally posted a photo on my Instagram profile. This accidental snap received positive feedback and jumpstarted my career as an influencer. And since then, I started receiving review requests from local and international brands."

During her blogging career, Baraj had recommended many fashion brands. When asked to name them, she said, "Actually I was selected by various and countless foreign brands including Fashionnova, Prettylittlething, Rare Beauty, Sigma Beauty, Colour Pop, Roja Parfum, Revolve, Lounge apparel, sik silk, Olaplex, Boxy Charm, Pixi Beauty, Benefit Cosmetics, Sugar Bear Hair, Shein Drunk Elephant, Steve Madden and much more."

When asked about the most rewarding aspects of her type of career, Baraj said, "The most rewarding thing is the relationships (and even friendships) you build through blogging. I have such an amazing connection with my followers and feel like they just GET me, and I get them! I have made some amazing friends and have found ‘my people’ through being online."

"If you are starting your own blog, the best advice I can give is to just be you. Your people will find you and love you for that! Don’t try and be anything you aren’t and be proud of who you are!" said Baraj when asked for any advice if someone wants to do what she does.

Information originally sourced from Digital Journal.