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With a new month in full swing, we're inspired by the birthstone for May: the emerald. Said to be the most popular gemstone, emerald is a grippingly intriguing stone, somehow connoting power and harnessing a forceful energy that dares to be seen. It's often paired with a black evening gown to really make it pop, like Angelina Jolie famously did with some Lorraine Schwartz pieces.

But, the stone that symbolizes rebirth and love is also the perfect pairing for any spring ensemble. So May babies, these Top 5 Friday Picks are for you!

1. Cathy Waterman Emerald Ring

Though the flaws and inclusions are visible to the eye, this faceted emerald is a stunning pairing against the signature Waterman stylings, almost like an organic expression of ripe fruit.

2.Fred of Paris Diamond Emerald Ring

This Fred of Paris ring would be the perfect compliment to any ring "stack". The emeralds are jubilant in their color and play so nicely off the diamonds.

3. Tiffany and Company Irid Emerald Ring

This Tiffany & Co investment piece comes with GIA certification, and it's truly stunning in person. From the cut, to the complimentary diamonds, it's a masterpiece and could even be an engagement ring.

4. Damiani Emerald Diamond Ring

This modern Damiani ring takes the guess work out for you and mimics a stack of bands with a gorgeous emerald in the center.


5. Pasquale Bruni Tentazione Necklace

A subtle apple motif encrusted with emeralds is the perfect necklace to pair with florals.


Are you a May baby? What would you like for your birthday? Let us know down below!