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In an interview with Cosmopolitan, TikTok fashion influencer, Remi Bader discusses her open critique on today's fashion and what's being done as a result of her ever-growing platform.

"The [brand] hauls that I've kind of made fun of are ones that I actually work with now because they appreciated it and wanted the insight. Abercrombie, Free People, Revolve, and a few other brands," said Bader about fashion brands that have reached out. "They appreciated the honesty and they wanted the help. And for me, anyone that wants to see change, I'm going to give it a shot."



When it came to being an influencer in fashion, when asked about what it was like to be thrust into the limelight, Bader said, "People ask me about when I go on Revolve trips or things like that, like, how do I not feel insecure when I might be one of the only plus-sized people? But, to be honest, it makes me feel the opposite. It actually boosts my confidence a little more to see that all these people are very supportive of wanting the industry to change as well—regardless of what their size may be. And listen, I'm not an idiot. A lot of people say things like "They [some brands] just are using you as the token plus-sized girl because they just don't want to look bad." I get it. They may want to work with me or send me stuff so I don't bash them again, but I still do the Realistic Hauls after. And just because a piece of clothing doesn't work on me doesn't mean it's not going to work on anyone else."

When asked about what it's like to create content that not only promotes more inclusive fashion, but body positivity and vulnerability, Bader said, "I think I've just always been a really open person. I'm not just gonna pretend that everything's positive every single day. I'm gonna post some of the negative too...or else my whole idea of being realistic wouldn't be realistic.



"I've said before that I don't want to be called a body-positive influencer, but I don't really care what I'm called because my content is body positive for some people. It's affecting them in a positive way. I'm not 100 percent accepting of my body, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna hide in my room all day and not live my life."

Information originally sourced from Cosmopolitan.