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Tik Tok Star Sai Reshma Balakrishnan talks in an interview with Rogers Edge Reporter about her time on social media and supporting a local family-owned jewelry store.

When asked what businesses she supports, Reshma Balakrishnan said, "I do not support all brands to maintain authenticity on my page. Some brands that I have accepted vouching for on my TikTok are Dilmil, nordVPN and a family owned jewelry business. Some brands that I have denied are Shein as their values do not align with mine. One positive thing that it did provide me was the opportunity to work with professional brands which gave me entrepreneurial experience as a student which aligned well with my career goals as I am a business major.

When asked if she sees a financial future on social media, Reshma Balakrishnan said, "Currently, no. I do not make much money off of it as the Creator Fund decreases my views by a lot. I also do not post for a specific niche or audience. My followers fluctuate a lot based on what phase of posting I am in. I also do not plan much like other TikTokers so my content tends to be inconsistent. I also do not make much money off of TikTok itself but more from brands that I post for. 

Reshma Balakrishnan was then asked about her favorite and least favorite parts of TikTok, to which she said, "My least favorite part about TikTok is the misinformation on the news, especially social justice. But, that is also one of my favorite parts; I am able to express my viewpoints, likes/dislikes, opinions with everyone. I think it is important for young viewers to know what they are watching and the implications behind some of their TikTokers they look up to."

When asked about the scariest part of working on TikTok, Reshma Balakrishnan said, "Knowing that my friends and people I go to school with are judging me. I’ve had a couple friends come up to me and  say, “OMG that is so embarrassing,” and things like that really put a person’s confidence down. There have been numerous points where I’ve thought about making my account private but then I realize, it’s fun to me and just because a couple of my viewers do not like it does not mean everyone hates them."

Information originally sourced from Rogers Edge Reporter.