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As of today, another Gen-Z star is part of the jewelry industry. Singer and TikTok star Loren Gray has just announced the launch of &always. The brand is dedicated to empowering young people to express themselves with pieces of jewelry. The 18-year-old founder and creative director has spent the last year building a team and designing products while developing &always. The website for the brand will include a "Hall of Mirrors," a portion of the site dedicated to showing off how Gen-Z likes to express themselves.

"I love experimenting with jewelry, and I've learned it can completely transform an outfit and my mood. I feel most confident when I dress how I feel, and every outfit I wear starts with jewelry. I started &always to celebrate the different ways my generation expresses themselves through jewelry and help them find their confidence," said Loren Gray in a statement.


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The primary collection of the brand focuses on a look that resembles a vintage vanity mirror, aptly named the Starlet Mirror. These design choices were meant to highlight Loren's (and many young people's) insecurities regarding mirrors and reflections. She's on a journey to make the mirror a more approachable object, not one of self-critique, but confidence. &always is also planning newer collections, calling them Editions.

About &always
&always is a fashion jewelry brand founded by Gen Z digital creator and singer, Loren Gray. Inspired by her close relationship with her community, Loren developed &always to empower young adults to express themselves and find their confidence through jewelry. With new collections regularly being released, &always gives consumers the ability to express themselves and match their jewelry to how they're feeling on any given day. Learn more at and follow the brand on TikTok and Instagram at @andalways.

About Loren Gray
Loren Gray is a self-made phenomenon who at 18 amassed a social media following of 80M+ and has racked up over 100 million cumulative global streams of her music. She works hard to be a positive role model for her young fanbase and bring awareness to important issues and causes. She is the founder of jewelry brand &always, and star of Snapchat Original Series "Honestly Loren Gray."

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