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During last month's second quarter earnings call at Tiffany & Co., the company gave a small peak at an “innovative diamond ring concept.” A new collection of engagement rings from the high-end jewelry designer since 2011 (Harmony Collection), Tiffany True is also the first line of rings to dedicate a specific diamond cut to its design since 1999's Tiffany Lucida.

According to Chief Artistic Officer Reed Krakoff, these rings have been regarded as a “supreme expression of modern love.” The setting of Tiffany True has a subtle design element added to give a wink to the jeweler. If one turns the ring and looks at its side, a beveled “T” is visible to the observer.

Coming to North American stores in Autumn of this year, with an upcoming worldwide release in 2019, prices for Tiffany True will begin at $7,000, with the most expensive rings being sold for around $197,000+.