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The conventions of men's fashion are being updated by one of the jewelry industry's best brands, Tiffany & Co. While the choices for menswear has traditionally been narrow, thanks to social media, trends, and observances in celebrity culture have provided the new generations with a more dedicated interest in fashion. According to the fashion director of menswear for Holt Renfrew, Mario Sisneros, “There is a strong demand across menswear, which comes in part from a younger clientele that are more tapped into trends. Customers are requesting more styles directly off the men’s runways, from what they see on social media, and even taking inspiration from the off-duty looks of actors and athletes.”



During his interview with the Vancouver Sun, Sisneros explained further, saying “Some of our key brands like Balenciaga, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta have been showing shared collections that challenge this idea of gender stereotypes. Men wearing bold colors or cross-body bags are just a couple of things that are popular now but were perhaps once taboo. Fashion is no longer a binary choice. With the rise of social media — men value fashion as a vehicle for self-expression and look to everyone from sports icons like LeBron James to KPop bands like BTS. Men are placing a greater emphasis on personal appearance; in turn, we’re seeing growth in new categories such as men’s beauty.”

The 182-year-old luxury brand, Tiffany & Co. finally revealed their first men's collection which features a sterling silver beer mug and a gold ID bracelet among other pieces of jewelry and home accessories. The chief artistic officer of Tiffany & Co., Reed Krakoff says, “Luxury men’s fashion and men’s culture is so much at the forefront of the world.” Krakoff's vision of a men's collection had been stewing since he first joined up with Tiffany & Co. back in 2017. 

Split between two sub-collections, the Diamond Point collection, and the Tiffany 1837 Makers collection features precious metals from gold to sterling silver. However, Krakoff explained that the first men's collection is yet to receive its own line of watches. “Watches, to get right, take a long time. It could take three years for a watch. That’s not uncommon,” he says. “We have a Makers Watch that we’re working on. And, there’s another watch that’s nearly completed in design. So, I would say that we will have two in the next few years.”

Information originally sourced from Vancouver Sun.