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Tiffany and Company has finally revealed what they had up their sleeve after a mysterious social media campaign launched last week. The brand launched their new jewelry line, "Paper Flowers" with the help of Elle Fanning and other celebrities.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Tiffany & Co

We talked about the Instagram posts with mysterious clues and snippets of a surprise coming May 3, 2018. We also found out that New York City, home to the Tiffany flagship, got their own set of clues. The brand painted the town "Tiffany blue". Hollywood Reporter shares: "there were a fleet of Tiffany blue taxi cabs and corner markets staged with Tiffany blue street cones, trash cans, ladders, vases with cutout paper flowers, even Tiffany blue coffee trucks serving up complimentary brews in branded paper cups. "

The gorgeous soiree to celebrate the launch took place in New York. Elle Fanning introduced the jewelry through a live video on Instagram, and other celebrities watched rapper A$AP Ferg perform a set, including the famed "Moon River".

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The importance of the song is not lost on us. It's the theme music to Breakfast At Tiffanys. The rapper performed a new take on the track which also happens to be the music to the new video campaign for the gorgeous jewels. Elle Fanning sings on that track and stars in the video as a modern-day Holly Golightly in Tiffany blue sweats, natch.





It's a refreshing and new take on Holly visiting the flagship store, and we're here for it!   

Fanning was the first celebrity to ever star in a campaign in the brand, perhaps a strategy to win over some young, millennial shoppers. Reed Krakoff, chief artistic director to Tiffany & Co, explains: ""It's that juxtaposition of something utilitarian and something extraordinary. People don't dress the way they used to; they want to interpret things their own way, wearing a very expensive handbag with jeans or a couture dress with flats. So we wanted that free, personal interpretation of high and fine jewelry in this collection. Usually it's very segmented with casual jewelry that's silver and high jewelry that's diamonds. The idea was to mix them together and allow people to pick and choose." (Source)

We like the direction Tiffany & Company is taking with this new collection, allowing the wearer to pick some subtle but light-looking fine jewelry with the modern day uniform of jeans or sundress. It's truly what jewelry is all about: pairing something high-end with one's every day lifestyle.

Do you like this new take on the themes from Breakfast at Tiffanys? Let us know down below!