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The famed jewelry house, Tiffany & Co., launched a mysterious new campaign leading up to a major unveiling on May 3, 2018.

Take to the brand's Instagram to see for yourself: gone are the celebrities in their dazzling jewels, the past campaign artwork, and all signs of brand communication, save a few purposeful remaining snippets.

Image c/o tiffanyandco instagram.

In it's place, we find four posts, depicting a signature blue piece of duct tape with the date "5.3.18." scrawled across. Another image finds us looking at the intersection signs of E.57th and 5th Avenue (home to the flagship). The third video has a license plate with the year 1837 (the house's founding year). 


The last clue for now seems to be a flaxen model in a hoodie walking up to the doors of the Tiffany & Co. store. A hashtag reads "#TiffanyBlue". 

Under the page's description, we find another hint: "Something blue is coming".

But what could it be?

We're curious as ever to know what Tiffany And Company has in store.

Is it a new watch? A new line? We know the venerated jewelry brand came out with interesting home furnishings last year. Could this be another stream of new and unique releases?

Our best guess is something to do with wedding season. After all, "something blue" goes hand-in-hand with a wedding day. Perhaps a new type of setting adorned with a blue enamel?

Update: three more images have been posted on the "Gram". 

Any guesses as to what Tiffany and Company is about to share with the world? Leave your thoughts down below!