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The North American diamond jewelry market has seen a four percent rise in sales during 2018, according to new global luxury market research. The analysis was provided by Russian diamond producer Alrosa, which did not specifically target U.S. sales. However, numbers in America account for ninety percent of the overall research according to a spokesperson for Alrosa.

“The main driver of the global diamond jewelry market is the United States, which has seen stable growth rates throughout the year,” said Dmitry Klimenko, head of the analytics department at Alrosa’s Strategic Projects and Analytics Center, in a statement. “This boosts market confidence ahead of the Christmas sales season. In Asia, consumer demand shows less steady growth because of the weakening of national currencies against the U.S. dollar.”

While diamond jewelry industry sales rise, the numbers are still in decline when compared to Alrosa's first and second quarter analyses which rose seven and five percent respectively.

Information originally sourced from JCK