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Third-generation jeweler and graduate gemologist, Michael A. Razny, has become a pioneer of the industry with the launch of Crystal. Crystal is the first cloud-based inventory management and point-of-sale platform for single and multi-location stores.

"Throughout my entire career in jewelry I've had to use outdated technology, along with many other jewelers. The jewelry industry has been underserved and overlooked for so long. I knew the problem wouldn't solve itself because our industry is too niche for big tech," Razny explains.

The official launch of the platform was in 2020. Razny teamed up with Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Joel Steinbaugh. Finally, jewelers can independently rely on this platform for inventory management. Parts included are customizable and has dynamic reporting. There is also an integrated point-of-sale as well as an IOS app which allows retailers access from anywhere.

Razny shares, "Jewelry stores are generational businesses passed down through families. My grandfather opened Razny Jewelers in Chicago in 1951. It's been in the family for 70 years. As a third-generation jeweler with more than eight years in tech, I felt uniquely suited to move jewelry software forward. Crystal is more than a software company to me, it's my family's legacy."

Razny, before his time at Crystal, had managed retail at Razny Jewelers, which is one of the top revenue-generating independent jewelry stores in the country. His work in the retail department allowed him to experience all of the inconsistencies that retailers had to face in their day-to-day. Thankfully, Razny used his experience to help retailers everywhere who have suffered the same ordeals.

About Crystal
Launched in 2020, Crystal is a solution for jewelers by jewelers. Combining modern design with an intuitive user experience for flawless and secure inventory management, Crystal is setting the standard for jewelry retailers everywhere. With a cloud-based inventory management and point-of-sale platform, Crystal is at the forefront of the jewelry industry by creating a software that provides a universally accessible iOS app, custom assets, effortless use of data navigation, instantaneous report generation, and a fully-integrated point-of-sale.

Information originally sourced from PRNewswire.