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A new royal jewels exhibit, "The Splendor of Power", makes its debut in the Koldinghus in Denmark.

Koldinghus, a former royal castle, celebrating 750 years, will house the exhibit from May 6, 2018 through September 30, 2018.

From the press release: "Rank, riches and ideals are expressed in the jewellery worn by the most powerful men and women in society. The jewellery thus tells the story of changing forms of government, power structures, styles and perceptions of body and gender. The anniversary exhibition at Koldinghus tells 750 years of history through a wide selection of jewellery, medals and insignias on loan from, among the others, the Danish, British and Swedish royal houses, Tiffany in New York, Cartier in Paris, Shamballa Jewels, Napoleon Museum Thurgau in Switzerland, The Royal Danish Collection at Rosenborg, Designmuseum Danmark and other Danish and European museums, companies and private collectors."

It continues: "The jewellery exhibits give the guests a chance to get close to some of the most powerful people in Denmark and throughout Europe. The jewellery and the persons they belong or belonged to have all played a direct or indirect role in the 750-year history of Koldinghus and in the national and international stories that the castle is a part of."

Of special note is this stunning tiara:


Photo by Iben Kaufmann

The Khedive of Egypt Tiara by Cartier, was gifted to Princess Margaret of Connaught by the Kehdive of Egypt for her wedding to Crown Prince Gustav Adolf of Sweden in 1905. Upon her death, it was passed to her daughter, Princess Ingrid. Queen Anne Marie inherited it from there, and all of her daughters have worn it to their weddings as recently as 2011. 

The exhibit shows various designs of power worn through the years, including World War II. Though we don't care to see jewels from Nazi supporters, we are pleased to find a jewel from the counter movement, a bird in its cage, by Cartier. When Paris was liberated, the bird (with France's national colors) escaped it's cage in a state of pure elation in the Cartier windows.


Photo by Nils Herrmann

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