In an interview with Collider, Adam Devine discusses the wardrobe of his character Kelvin in "The Righteous Gemstones" and more.

When asked what it's been like to be back on set as Kelvin and getting to wear all of his outrageous outfits, Devine said, "Yeah. His style is out of control. Sarah Trost is our costume designer, and she does an amazing job. She pushes me. I dress in t-shirts and polos, and just normal stuff. I don’t take many huge swings when it comes to my fashions. With Kelvin, that’s all he takes. He’s trying to hit a grand slam, every time he walks out the door. I’m like, “I don’t know. Is this too much?” And she’s like, “It absolutely isn’t.” To her credit, when I watch it on TV, it’s so funny. He’s a guy who has so much money that maybe he does buy a leopard print beret and wear that around and act like an Army man for the day. It’s really fun to play a character that is that insane, when it comes to his fashion choices."

When asked if the chemistry on set was immediate once everyone was back, Devine said, "Yeah, it clicked pretty much right away. Danny is just a fantastic boss. The tone that he sets on set is that you can fuck up, and it’s okay, and we’ll get it. He’s not precious in a way that some people are. It’s just a really fun vibe on set. Just coming back and it being that once again, you’re like, 'Okay, we’re gonna find our legs, and we’ll be fine.'"

When asked what he's looking forward to most in the future, Devine said, "I’m excited to see him grow a little bit. Bumper was pretty one-dimensional. He was just a maniac. And then, in the second movie, you see a little crack in the facade of a guy that is just so insecure that he has to put on this little Butterball of braggadocio. He’s this little guy who’s just singing and dancing and is way too intense for his own good, and obviously there’s some underlying insecurity there. So, I’m excited to watch him. What happened in those seven or eight years between the last time we saw him to now. I’m assuming quite a bit. I’m really excited that the scripts are coming in great. Megan Amram, who was a producer on The Good Place and Parks and Rec, is showrunning the show, and she’s doing an amazing job. I’m excited to shoot that."

Information originally sourced from Collider.

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