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In an interview with Collider, 'The Outlaws' actress Eleanor Tomlinson talks of her character Lady Gabby's fashion sense and the wardrobe on the show.

When asked about the wardrobe and fashion sense of her character, Tomlinson said, "Charlotte [Mitchell], the costume designer, was absolutely fantastic. She was on board, from the very beginning. We spoke about designers that I like and independent designers, as well. Some of the fabulous hats that Gabby wears are by a brand whose owner is a friend of mine. It’s called Hoodlondon, and it’s by Adèle Mildred and Gabrielle Djanogly. It was fabulous to bring in my own little touches to the character, but Charlotte is amazing at fashion, so she was able to really steer me down the road. I felt like we created that character together, in those fittings, and finding outfits for each different scene and scenario. She’s wearing The Vampire’s Wife and Isabel Marant.

"It was just hilarious to not have any rules that we had to follow with her. Also, there was the way that we styled the tabard. I said, “I don’t want her to wear it like your normal tabard. I want her to wear it as a fashion accessory.” We were able to create that together, and with Stephen, as well, and come up with just this outrageous version of her that bends the rules of time. It was great. So much of creating the look of the character informs how you play it, so I think it’s important that everybody works together as a team, to create the best piece."

TOMLINSON: When asked how she knows that a character is really meant for her, Tomlinson said, "For me, it’s just a question of reading the script and whether the storylines and the characters make your heart beat faster. For me, it’s the excitement of new roles that are very different and something I’ve not done before and that people haven’t seen me do. It’s really about pushing myself, as an actress, and trying my best to be the best and to be different in each role. This was just completely different and incredibly exciting and the opportunity to work with some brilliant people. It was a real dream come true, to be honest."

Information originally sourced from Collider.