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Elizabeth Potts has been creating exciting new waves with the more recent millennial and Gen Z generations with her fresh take on antique jewelry. Her online store,The Moonstoned, is often showing off pieces that she sometimes models herself on Instagram, enabling the work to take on a modernized and cool look for current trends.

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When asked in an interview by National Jeweler about how Potts got her start in the Antique Jewelry business, she said, “I had a little bench in my tiny apartment for a long time and I would make jewelry and rework antiques whenever I had a moment."

"I had a tiny Etsy shop ages ago and a gal reached out to me and asked if I would come on to help her with her antique jewelry business," she continued. "So I did and kind of helped get that off the ground. After maybe two or three years of that, I decided I wanted to do my own. I launched The Moonstoned in 2016.”

Potts and her business, The Moonstoned will be working hard to bring vintage and antique looks into the modern-day, creating a unique mixture of past and present on the road to the future of the jewelry industry.