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Husband and Wife owners of The Jewelry Connection James Mathieu and Kathie Morris-Mathieu have been around for over thirty years. Together they have provided the people of Fallbrook and beyond with a place to shop for jewelry.

"My husband's parents started the shop. They were into antiques, and then it just kind of morphed slowly into jewelry, mostly estate," said Morris-Mathieu in an interview with VillageNews.

The jewelry itself is largely from trade-ins and trade outs from family members who have passed on as well as dealers or folks that just want to get rid of a piece they're no longer fans of anymore.

"We've been on this corner over 20 of those years, and are family owned and operated," Morris-Mathieu said.

37 years ago the location had originally been called The Village Peddler.

"We're one of the longest, if not the longest standing merchants in Fallbrook," Morris-Mathieu said.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to wait to open their doors for business back in May.

"We have anywhere from sterling silver to Rolex watches, diamonds, gold, silver, Indian jewelry, wedding rings, cocktail rings, vintage watches, you name it – pearls, silverware sets, vintage tea sets," Morris-Mathieu said.

The Jewelry Connection buys and sells gold and silver coins while also offering watch repairs.

"We used to have a watchmaker, but he's retired now, so we don't do as much as we used to do on the repair of vintage watches," Morris-Mathieu said. "We do a ton of batteries; probably 20 to 50 battery changes a day."

The business also offers repairs and custom designs as well. They also make jewelry. Many locals come in to visit, but also a fair amount of folks from Temecula like to shop there as well.

"It's usually a week turn around depending on normal repair, so a broken chain, to size a ring, soldering together, prongs; we clean jewelry for free, so if someone is walking around and says their diamond is dirty we'll prong check it and clean it," Morris-Mathieu said.

"We get a lot of referrals, people who are out of town trying to get their friends in or like when the avocado festival people stop in," Morris-Mathieu said. "We have a really large selection."

Information originally sourced from VillageNews.