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In an effort to promote jewelry design to a modern consumer base, two British alumni of the industry's trade publication sector have developed a whole new company.  

The Jewellery Cut will be headed by journalist Rachael Taylor and sales and marketing professional Andrew Martyniuk. Together, they worked at Professional Jeweler and Watch Pro, with Taylor as editor and Martyniuk as head of marketing and sales.

The company's website went live during the last week of September, and Taylor explained that it will “cover a wide range of jewelry, from interesting, well-done costume jewelry to luxury fine jewelry, with a view of writing about it in an in-depth way but aimed at consumers.”

The Jewellery Cut will be working towards making in-person experiences more accessible to a younger market as well. The company's reveal during London Fashion Week was a pleasant surprise. “The Jewellery Cut Showroom” presented 16 designers with their latest collections as well as a jewelry masterclass, and bestsellers on display.