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Jackie Onassis was a style icon throughout her entire life and while her elegance and grace were timeless, her style did evolve during her lifetime. We at Fortrove have long been admirers of the iconic First Lady throughout the different stages of her life.

RARE! AUTHENTIC PATEK PHILIPPE PLATINUM DIAMOND EMERALD RING CERTIFICATE Of particular note is the engagement ring given to her by Aristotle Onassis, her second husband. We are fortunate enough to have an absolutely stunning emerald Patek Philippe ring that is quite similar in style and design as Mrs. Onassis's. This piece comes with papered authentication and is available now through the Fortrove website. The 2ct oval cut emerald is encircled by diamonds totaling 3.5ct. This ring is truly unique and your bride-to-be is sure to treasure it for a lifetime.
Other rings that match Jackie's everlasting style are also available through our website. Stylish women everywhere admire Onassis's inimitable fashion and elegance for their simplicity and taste and we have many pieces that complement such attitudes.
Visit the Fortrove website to see many more beautiful jewelry pieces that would be right at home in Jackie's jewelry collection.