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Despite a positive attitude that pervaded throughout the Italian jewelry industry only a couple of weeks ago, Covid-19 has put a halt to even more plans. The Florence Jewellery Week 2020, as a result, has been canceled due to the unfortunate continuation of this pandemic.

“Since we entered the Covid emergency we have resisted and continued to work on our project as we have done in recent months, every day imagining the set-up, the meetings, talking daily with the people involved and the press office, as though this confinement and this closure did not concern us, that things would be resolved, and that we would meet as planned at the end of May in Florence. Instead we have had to face up to reality and accept that there are now more important things to think about than our project”, said artistic director of LAO and curator of the FJW Giò Carbone in a press release.

While many were positive of the FJW 2020 to take place as scheduled, it is now clear that the conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and meetings have all been canceled. The artist exhibition for those selected for the PREZIOSA YOUNG 2020 competition will be unchanged. At the moment, staff members are working to find a gallery to host the exhibition next September in Florence. Through the month of October, the exhibition will be in Padua at the Oratory of San Rocco. 

Before this unfortunate news, curator Giò Carbone had a ton of positive feedback that the project would go on without a hitch. He spoke with Forbes a couple of weeks ago about his hopes.

“This year marks the 15th anniversary of the PREZIOSA project, and also the 35th anniversary of the school: a big party was also planned on the large lawn of the Cascine park, but it is now just postponed until we return to normal and schools reopen. and to which students, teachers, friends will be invited. It will also be open to the public. “It will also be the moment to start working on a new project again”, concludes Giò Carbone who has been involved with this project for two years now.

Information originally sourced from InStoreMag.