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The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, turned up the wattage at her first state dinner of South Pacific nation Jioji Konrote at the Grand Pacific Hotel.

To meet the president of Fiji, the Duchess elegantly came down the stairs of the event in a "Fijian blue" Safiyaa cape dress to pay homage to the country she was visiting.

While the stunning dress inspired hushes and gushes all over the world as Markle's baby bump finally made a prominent appearance, we are of course FLOORED by the Duchess' stunning and VERY mysterious earrings.

The dazzling shoulder grazers feature what appear to be pear-shaped cognac diamonds, along with quintessential brilliant diamond setting.

Kensington Palace has been their usual "vague" in addressing who made the earrings, noting they were, simply: "borrowed".

But from whom?

They appear too contemporary to be part of the Queen's collection, and we imagine Meghan's makeshift stylist and best friend, Jessica Mulhroney, would have taken credit by now if they were hers.

So, the earrings remain a mystery for now. Do you have any guesses as to who designed them? Let us know down below!